Antonov Airlines An-225 Mriya UR-82060 G2ADB1225 1:200

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Antonov Airlines
Aircraft Type:
Antonov An-225

Expected release date is Apr 28th 2023

Gemini200 Antonov Airlines An-225 Mriya UR-82060 Display stand included G2ADB1225 1:200-scale

GeminiJets proudly introduces the Gemini200 1:200-scale Antonov Airlines An-225, item G2ADB1225. Once the largest aircraft in the world, the Antonov 225 was destroyed in Ukraine one year ago today. Now, the massive cargo transport plane beloved by millions is commemorated with this magnificent 1:200-scale die cast replica. Featuring accurate, pad-printed details and markings, this precision model is the initial release on our new An-225 mould. All 32 wheels are equipped with rolling rubber tires. An all metal display stand is included.

The landing gear is removable. 

Model Stats:

Length: 16.25 inches / 41.275 cm
Width (wingspan): 17.5 inches / 44.45 cm
Weight: 6.5 lbs. / 2.95 kg
Box: 16.5 x 16.375 inches / 41.91 x 41.59 cm

*Available April 2023